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From the Cheering Section 

We reached out to, and later chose to work with, Marian and Eugene on the basis of their insightful information provided on the leasing and sales activity within our St. Lawrence Market neighborhood and more specifically, at 88 Scott Street.  Their shared enthusiasm for our new Tower and its growing reputation as a premier condo address in downtown earned them the task of marketing our suite for lease. They proved themselves open to testing the waters on what we could achieve in securing a tenant. In addition, Marion and Eugene provided valuable hands-on assistance to ensure our suite looked its very best from Day 1.  Just 3 short weeks later after leading us thru the negotiating process, thoroughly vetting the prospective tenant to make sure we had the comfort of necessary security to rely on, their “Leased” sign went up.  Job well done. Job done right.  We won’t hesitate to call on them again in the future and offer our unequivocal recommendation to them both. 

Christopher and Alissa Brown - 88 Scott St 

We have loved working with Eugene and Marian, who make a great team. They are thorough professionals, with an excellent knowledge of Toronto’s real estate market. Their guidance was invaluable as we dealt with both selling our house and buying a condo. They were extremely patient, never pressuring us, and made us feel at ease throughout the process. Very early in our relationship, we developed a sense of trust in them. And not least, their good humour and positive energy was of great help. Thanks to their excellent sense of strategy, we have been very happy with the outcomes of both our transactions, and have no hesitation at all in strongly recommending them.

Taima Tyebjee and Qaid Silk - 740 Crawford St & 61 St Clair Ave - Granite Place Condo


We were fortunate to have dealt with Eugene and Marian for our recent townhouse purchase in Toronto, and were thrilled with the services provided. Both Eugene and Marian are experienced professionals in the Toronto region, and their knowledge of the market, and of specific neighbourhoods and buildings, is very extensive. They are accessible, honest, and hard-working agents who quickly answered our questions and concerns, and strive to meet all requests. They definitely helped to make our recent purchase a seamless and smooth ordeal. They work very well together, and should be considered for all your buying and selling needs in the GTA. Highly recommend their services!
Julian Campisi & Elena Caprioni - 351 Wallace Ave

I have had the pleasure of working with Marian to purchase two condos in the last year and a half. She also handled the leasing of one them. She is extremely professional, thorough, knowledgeable as well as efficient. She was able to give me excellent advice, allowing me to get everything and more that I was hoping for. I highly recommend Marian to handle all your real estate needs. 

Gail Neeteson - 80 Front St E - Market Square

I strongly recommend using Eugene's excellent service. He is professional, responsive, knowledgeable and patient. He helped me navigate the process of buying a condo in St Lawrence Market where he knows the pros and cons of every single building. I never felt rushed or pressured to make a decision. All in all, a great experience.

Ronan Clohissey - 168 King St East - King Geroge Square

Marian is a real estate market expert, extremely approachable, and a trusted advisor. As we prepared to sell our first home she came with a plan and the resources ready to make it happen. With an MBA and CFA, she brings a truly unique perspective on the entire selling process; helping understand where to spend money, where to save, and what the true value of our home was. During the negotiation phase of the sale she was in constant contact and had a level of commitment that was reassuring. She has been our real estate agent for the last 10 years and will continue to be so without question in the future. 

Adam Hayden & Sandra Gin

The Toronto market can be a challenge to navigate whether one is a first time buyer/seller or an experienced buyer/seller. I've had the pleasure of working with Eugene Palermo to help with the first sale of our condo over a decade ago. Over the years, he's worked with us on the purchase and sale of our primary residences. As one can imagine, the sale of a primary residence can be an emotional one. Eugene ensures the experience from listing to close is a positive experience and this needs no embellishment. Buying or selling a home is an experience that requires trust. Though I am in my 'forever' home outside of Toronto, I would trust Eugene to once again work with me should my 'forever' home concept change.

Delane Cooper - 168 King St East, King George Square & 33 Mill St - Distillery

Marian is one of the best brokers in Toronto. She has supported me on my last 4 transactions and I have found her to be incredibly professional and solid in negotiations. She has a keen sense of strategy and her background in finance is a noticeable advantage. She’s personable, unbelievably responsive, and has been a great partner to me in my real estate ventures. Marian has my full confidence and I believe anyone looking for a broker would be fortunate to have her represent them.

C. Suchy

We just sold our downtown condo with Eugene and can hardly believe how smooth and pleasant the process was - in this case Eugene was representing both us and the purchasers. We feel that the outcome was totally fair to both parties, business was conducted most professionally, and overall it was a win-win situation with everyone ending up happy. Thank you again, Eugene. You have superb intuition, are absolutely trustworthy and, even more, are a real friend to us. In sum, you are the best!

Annette Sanger - 33 Lombard St PH - Spire Condo

Marian's consistent professionalism, hard work and integrity put her in a class of own as a real estate agent. She is dedicated to helping her clients and works tirelessly to ensure that the buying and selling process are successful, both from a financial as well as a personal perspective. She is always available and a pleasure to work with. We are so grateful to have had Marian as our agent. 

Sarah & Wallace Barbour

We have known and worked with Eugene for almost 20 years, and he has always maintained the highest professional standards in all his dealings with us. He isn't the kind of person who tells you just what you want to hear, but rather he respectfully offers his expertise, insights, and his uncanny intuitions so that you always know where precisely you stand and what to expect in relation to the market. His patience is extraordinary: the first time we worked with him it took us well over 2 years to find exactly what we wanted. Nowhere in that process did we feel the slightest pressure to settle for something less than ideal. We haven't hesitated to recommend him to many of our friends, all of whom have had exceptional experiences working with him. We wouldn't have done that unless we trusted Eugene entirely. Simply put, he's truly the kind of person you want on your team.

James Kippen - Fulton Ave - Lidia Court- 33 Lombard Spire Condo - 88 Scott 45th flr

As a first-time homebuyer, I was thankful to have such an experienced, professional and patient real estate agent as Marian. I truly believe it was due to her negotiation skills and ability to build relationships that the sellers accepted my offer on a condo in high demand. I really enjoyed working with Marian and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. 

Marcia Chen

I have had Eugene as an agent in the past years for 3 properties both sold and purchased. That experience was flawless and stress-free, to my pleasant surprise. Eugene was able to utilize his experience to close all deals to my satisfaction. He has wealth of experience in this business he has mastered for 33 years.
Fast forward to today, May 2, 2018. I had a condo listing in downtown Toronto that listed for just 1 day before I received multiple offers and a very satisfying pre-emptive offer. Mission accomplished and I was happy that I did not have to go through the weekend open house scenario. I was glad to hear the buyer was happy also. My home was going to an appreciative young family.
Eugene knew how to prepare my place to attract the right buyer while respecting my emotional limits and stress levels.
Thanks to Eugene, once again I am a "happy customer".
Karim Gawish - 168 King St East, King Geroge Square - Berkely St

Marian is extremely professional, highly responsive and a pleasure to work with. She relieved much of the stress of the buying and selling process. I used Marian for the sale of my last two condos: the first sold after only one day on the market, and the second after only five days. I was very happy with the results! 

Kyle Ferguson

We met Eugene in 2016, when we were moving to Toronto from the US and we were looking for rental units. We had only one morning to look at places while we were in Toronto. Eugene sent us many places to pre-select before we arrived in Toronto and booked all the ones we were interested in. He was organized and attentive to our needs, which enabled us to find a place and sign a lease by the end of the day. We were so pleased with our previous experience with Eugene that we recently decided to work with him again in looking for a property to purchase. As first time home buyers, Eugene ensured that we were well informed and prepared for this process. Eugene's help was vital to our purchase; we particularly like his honesty, professionalism and positive attitude. He went out of his way to accommodate us and we couldn't have had a better experience. We highly recommend Eugene!

Karina Carniero - 168 King St East King George Square

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