Our Services to Buyers

As your trusted advisors at 88 Scott, it’s important for us to establish what our expectations are of each other and to make sure that we’re all on the same page. You have needs and expectations, as do we!

As your Agents, we will

  • Set up a Starter Session to get to know one another to understand your current situation and discuss what your new home looks like.
  • Share with you our combined 48 years of real estate market and investment knowledge
  • Explain and establish an Agency relationship
  • Provide you with an array of financing options
  • Provide you with hyper-local knowledge of current real estate values, taxes, utility costs, services, and amenities
  • Offer you suggestions on ideal neighbourhoods based on our earlier discussions of your wants and needs  
  • Explain the different types of condo types that are available to you
  • Provide you with a checklist that will walk you through all the steps that we will take together, in order to understand how the offering and buying process will unfold
  • Ensure that you are always receiving accurate and responsive information in order to feel confident about the market
  • Go over a sample Agreement of Purchase and Sale in order that you become familiarized with the paperwork
  • Arrange showings that are convenient 
  • Set you up on an automatic curated set of property listings to keep you informed on homes that have come to market meeting your requirements
  • Take you out on an educational viewing tour to establish a clearer picture of your likes and dislikes, wants and needs
  • Preview properties before you view them, in order to ensure that you are seeing only relevant matches
  • Prepare the Agreement of Purchase and Sale for you.
  • Negotiate the best price possible.
  • Deliver necessary documents to lawyers and financial institutions
  • Be available to return for measurements or bring family members through prior to closing
  • Keep in close contact through follow-up and consistent communication (from offer to closing) so that we are able to provide you with any additional service we can.
  • Call you on the closing date to ensure a smooth and successful closing

Post closing

  • Keep you informed on the current market value in your building
  • Provide you with a quarterly newsletter
  • Help any of your family and friends requiring professional and responsive real estate service
  • Be ready when you’re ready to do it again